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What's New in RAQS

To view and print tender documents in PDF format you will be required to download the FREE reader available from Adobe Acrobat. If you do not already have this version, you may obtain a free copy by clicking on Get Acrobat Reader! and following the instructions.

4 - 1/2 Days Course
** Please note: This is not an introductory level course. You require experience working as a CA or PM on large construction contracts. **

TLT 131 has been designed for Consultant Contract Administration and MTO Construction/ Operations staff that have experience with issue resolution. It will enhance the knowledge of the principles, practices and procedures required for the effective evaluation of Information and Compensation Requests arising from issues during a capital construction project.  

Target Audience:
  • Consultant Contract Administration Staff:  Project Managers, Contract Administrators; 
This course is designed to provide Consultant Contract Administration and MTO Construction/Operations staff with the necessary tools and resources to effectively analyze, evaluate and resolve issues arising from the administration of MTO Construction Contracts; and to provide support to other levels of the issue resolution process as necessary.

MTO has developed the TLT 131 course to be delivered over a series of 4 – ½ days in the virtual format. 
Course Dates:
December 8, 9, 10, 11, 2021 - CANCELLED
February 28, March 1, 2, 3, 2022

The cost to take this course is $320.00.
Registration deadline is Monday, December 13, 2021, 11:59 pm

Please see the attached course outlines and registration forms for additional information.

Updated: 07-Oct-2021 ESP Prequalified Listing 

The list below includes Engineering Service Provider (ESP) firms that have been prequalified by the Ministry of Transportation to provide engineering and related services for ministry projects. This list is updated periodically and may not reflect the most current qualifications or ESP firm’s prequalification status with the ministry.

Updated: 04-Oct-2021 ESP CPR Starter Scores 

The Starter Corporate Performance Ratings (CPRs) for the most recent calculation date, October 1, 2021, are as follows:

  • Construction Administration:  4.28
  • Engineering:  4.00
  • Engineering Material Testing:  3.84
  • Planning:  3.90
  • Small Value Assignment:  3.00

A Starter CPR is made available to RAQS-registered Engineering Service Providers with no performance appraisals approved in the last three years. The CPR is calculated on a quarterly basis, at the beginning of the first business day of January, April, July and October.  

Updated: 10-Sep-2021 MTO Technical Consultation Portal  

The Ministry of Transportation is pleased to announce the launch of the new MTO Technical Consultation Portal.


The portal will make it easier and more efficient for you and others to share feedback using a one-window approach. Features of the portal that will benefit users include the ability to:


·         customize preferences​;

·         search for information​;

·         access frequently visited topics to make reviewing new information faster; and​

·         set up notifications on specific areas of interest.


The portal will also house information on committees, committee minutes, policies and procedure documents, links to construction and engineering contracts, links to information on training and education seminars and links to finalized standards, specifications and policies.


The ministry appreciates all of the input from our stakeholders through all of the phases of the portal development. The round table discussions surveys and comments provided on the working prototypes were invaluable.


This new consultation portal is based on the Environmental Registry of Ontario model. Its specifications will meet the needs of stakeholders and committee members who will access the new website to provide comments on Ontario’s road building and maintenance processes and standards.


The MTO Technical Consultation Portal will be used going forward to seek input into the development of technical design standards and specifications.


The Portal is intended to supplement existing processes and MTO will also continue consulting with stakeholders through the established committee process. However, you will be asked to begin providing comments through the MTO Technical Consultation Portal.


If there are any questions, please contact the MTO Technical Consultation Portal’s Project Manager, Paula Berketo at or 905-601-2590. 




5 Day Course

** Please note: This is not an introductory level course. It is assumed you are familiar with bridge or culvert construction contracts**

TLT 127 has been designed to provide strategies to avoid or address common critical issues during structural construction projects. This course prepares operations and consultant staff for structural construction projects. 

MTO has developed the TLT 127 course to be delivered over 5 days in the virtual format. 

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify common issues/risks and apply strategies to circumvent them.
  • Assess equipment, materials and construction methods 
  • Differentiate between effective construction practices and potential issues
  • Identify the key requirements of specifications and evaluate contractor submissions.  

The target audience is:

  • Consultants administering or inspecting a structural construction project in the upcoming season including

o   Contract Administrators

o   Inspectors

o   Contract Services Inspectors

o   Contract Services Administrators

o   Quality Assurance Engineers

o   Quality Assurance Officers

o   Area Contract Engineers

o   Structural section staff as well as any Engineering Intern or Transportation Technician acting in the above positions. 

This course is being offered on the following dates:

February 8, 9, 10, 15 & 16, 2022

The cost to take this course is $450.00.

Registration deadline is Monday, December 13, 2021, 4:30 pm

Please see the attached course outlines and registration forms for additional information. 

Updated: 05-May-2021 ESP - Rock Engineering Specialty 

Effective May 5, 2021, the name of “Rock Slope Hazard” Specialty in the Foundations Engineering Category has been changed to “Rock Engineering”. All Service Providers who were registered in RAQS for Rock Slope Hazard (Low, Medium and High complexities) will remain registered for Rock Engineering (Low, Medium and High complexities) respectively.


“Rockfall Engineering” is a new Category, not included in the “Foundations Engineering Category”.


The qualification requirements for all Specialties within Foundations Engineering Category, including Rock Engineering Specialty, are provided in the “Qualification Procedures for Engineering Service Providers (Policy and Guideline), as amended.”  

Updated: 27-Apr-2021 Contractors – Work on Hand 

Contractors are reminded of their responsibility to update their work-on-hand prior to submission of a Tender Registration Form (TRF) for any Qualified ministry contract. Updating work-on-hand prior to submitting the TRF is an important step to ensure that the TRF is not rejected and referred to the Qualification Committee.


Please refer to section 30 of the Qualification Procedures for Contractors for more information on work on hand reporting and the qualification process. This document can be found in the ministry’s Technical Publications website under “Qualification” tab.


Contractors can also contact MTO Qualification Control for further information at or (905) 704-2144.

Updated: 12-Mar-2021 RAQS ESP Retainer Assignment Awards  

Please see below the list of RAQS ESP Retainer Assignment Awards (since December 1, 2020).


Retainer Assignment #Maximum Ceiling Value ($)Highest Ranked FirmTotal Competitive Cost ($)Award Date
2019-Z-0057$749,999Stantec Consulting Ltd.$157,43305-Dec-20
5019-E-0027$749,999CIMA Canada Inc.$40,42014-Dec-20
6020-E-0008$749,999TBT Engineering Ltd.$65,849.4111-Jan-21


Updated: 20-Jan-2021 Ontario Government Response to COVID-19 - 2021  

Please see attached letters to industry - 2021