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Qualification Forms, Guides & Procedures

Updated: 19-Jun-2017 Qualification Procedures for Contractors 

Procedures for contractors to establish and maintain a qualification rating with the Ministry.

Updated: 01-May-2017 MTO Qualification Committee Procedures  

Administrative procedures associated with MTO's Qualification Committee. 

Updated: 01-May-2017 Register As A New Contractor 

Contractors wishing to submit bids on MTO contracts that are governed by the qualification procedures shall submit annually financial and other pertinent information to qualify to bid on these contracts. Contractors must complete a Contractor Registration Form (CRF) in its entirety to obtain a rating with the ministry.

Following are the registration forms necessary to file your application for the first time.

Updated: 01-May-2017 Financial Reference Letter 

To be used when applying for an AM Classification of Work

Updated: 01-May-2017 Quality Management System 
To qualify to bid MTO construction Qualified Contracts, a new contractor is required to submit a declaration that it has a Quality Management System (QMS).
All rated Contractors are required to submit an annual QMS Declaration with the financial statements to retain bidding privileges.

Updated: 01-May-2017 Financial Security - Bond Forms & Letter of Credit 
Financial Security - Bond Forms & Letter of Credit Template

Updated: 01-May-2017 Memorandum of Agreement 
Companies that have a Parent - Subsidiary relationship and wish to submit bids under the subsidiary name must complete the following form. (Refer to Qualification Procedures for Contractors - Section 19)

Updated: 01-May-2017 Tender Contract Tax Compliance Process 

Tender Contract Tax Compliance Verification Process


Updated: 25-Nov-2015 Construction Lien 
Contractors and suppliers may find it necessary to file a Construction Lien against a ministry contract. The following forms are provided for this purpose.

Updated: 01-Mar-2012 Application to Increase Rating 
Occasionally contractors may find it necessary to increase their rating. (Please refer to section 17, Supplementary Basic rating). The following application must be completed and submitted at the time the contractor submits a Tender Registration Form.

Updated: 19-Feb-2012 Getting Started 
Once contractors have been approved by the ministry and received a rating, contractors can then choose to use R.A.Q.S. to submit annual Contractor Registration Forms (CRF), Tender Registration Form (TRFs) and view their qualification and performance rating.