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Construction Documents

Updated: 04-Sep-2020 PH-CC-249 
RAC Test Reporting Sheet

Updated: 04-Sep-2020 PH-CC-250 

PGAC Test Reporting Sheet

Updated: 27-Aug-2020 PH-CC-248 
Ignition Furnace Forms

Updated: 19-Aug-2020 PH-CC-868A 
ERS - Hot Mix Payment Calculation for Contracts with SSP103F01

Updated: 19-Aug-2020 PH-CC-868B 
ERS - Hot Mix Payment Calculation for Contracts with SSP103F02

Updated: 19-Aug-2020 PH-CC-868C 
ERS - Hot Mix Payment Calculation for Contracts Tendered in 2017 with SSP103F03 or NSSP Replacing OPSS 313 November 2016

Updated: 19-Aug-2020 PH-CC-868D 
ERS - Hot Mix Payment Calculation for Contracts Tendered in 2018 or later with SSP103F03 or NSSP Replacing OPSS 313 November 2016

Updated: 24-Jun-2020 PH-CC-885 
Concrete Referee Testing Request

Updated: 08-Jun-2020 PH-CC-884 
Soils and Aggregates Referee Testing Request Form

Updated: 08-Jun-2020 PH-CC-009 

Field Compaction Acceptance


Updated: 01-May-2020 PH-D-1A 

Granular A Gradation Computation Acceptance & Payment Adjustment Sheet

Updated: 01-May-2020 PH-D-1B 

Granular B Types I, II & III Gradation Computation Acceptance & Payment Adjustment Sheet

Updated: 01-May-2020 PH-D-1SSM 

SSM Gradation Computation Acceptance & Payment Adjustment Sheet

Updated: 28-Feb-2020 PH-CC-758 
Compensation Request Review Report

Updated: 20-Feb-2020 PH-CC-844 

Price Adjustment For Concrete

Updated: 14-Jan-2020 PH-CC-251 
Asphalt Film Thickness Calculation

Updated: 07-Jan-2020 PH-CC-799 

Certificate Of Substantial Performance

Updated: 29-Nov-2019 PH-CC-755 
Information Request

Updated: 29-Nov-2019 PH-CC-756 
Compensation Request 

Updated: 26-Nov-2019 PH-CC-112 
Waterbody Material Worksheet

Updated: 26-Nov-2019 PH-D-1M 

Granular M Gradation Computation Acceptance & Payment Adjustment Sheet

Updated: 26-Nov-2019 PH-D-1O 

Granular O Gradation Computation Acceptance & Payment Adjustment Sheet

Updated: 20-Aug-2019 PH-CC-853 
PH-CC-853 - Claims Summary - Field Level 

Updated: 10-Jul-2019 PH-CC-757 
Field Level Claim Review Report

Updated: 10-Jun-2019 PH-CC-808 
Flyrock Occurs Outside of the Designated Blast Area

Updated: 09-May-2019 PH-CC-876 

Certification Of Temporary Barrier Installations

Updated: 07-May-2019 PH-M-101 

Designation Of Construction Zone

Updated: 01-Apr-2019 PH-CC-848 

Concrete Smoothness Acceptance & Price Adjustment Sheet

Updated: 14-Mar-2019 PH-CC-433A 

Concrete Mix Design Submission Form A

Updated: 14-Mar-2019 PH-CC-433B 

Concrete Mix Design Submission Form B

Updated: 14-Jan-2019 PH-CC-847 

Hot Mix Summary

Updated: 08-Jan-2019 PH-CC-797 

Certificate Of Completion Of Subcontract

Updated: 02-Nov-2018 PH-CC-443 

Geotextile Testing Request

Updated: 22-Oct-2018 PH-CC-824 

Limiting Grade Report for Extended BBR Test

Updated: 22-Oct-2018 PH-CC-874 

Hot Mix - Smoothness Acceptance And Price Adjustment Sheet

Updated: 18-Oct-2018 PH-CC-822 

Certificate Of Conformance

Updated: 10-Oct-2018 PH-CC-440 
MERO Sample Transmittal Form

Updated: 18-Sep-2018 PH-CC-449d 
Aggregate Test Data - Hot Mix Asphalt (Physical Properties - Coarse and Fine Extracted Aggregate)

Updated: 25-Jul-2018 PH-CC-447 
Concrete Aggregate Gradation Acceptance

Updated: 25-Jul-2018 PH-CC-448A 
Aggregate Test Data - Concrete (Physical Properties - Fine Aggregate)

Updated: 25-Jul-2018 PH-CC-448B 

Aggregate Test Data – Concrete (Physical Properties – Coarse Aggregate)

Updated: 16-Jul-2018 PH-CC-859 

Non-Conformance Report

Updated: 16-Jul-2018 PH-CC-862 

Status of Non-Conformance

Updated: 10-Jul-2018 PH-CC-881F 
Payment Cover Sheet – CDMC Maintenance Work

Updated: 10-Jul-2018 PH-CC-881G 
Payment Cover Sheet – CDMC Capital Improvement Work

Updated: 27-Jun-2018 PH-CC-835 
DENT Test Reporting Sheet - Load in Lbs

Updated: 27-Jun-2018 PH-CC-836 
DENT Test Reporting Sheet - Load in N

Updated: 27-Jun-2018 PH-CC-244 
Indirect Tensile Strength of Expanded Asphalt Mixes

Updated: 27-Jun-2018 PH-CC-814 
Field Compaction Report for CIR/CIREAM

Updated: 17-May-2018 PH-CC-736 

Notification Of Placement Of Structural Concrete

Updated: 12-Apr-2018 PH-CC-701 
Request to Proceed

Updated: 12-Apr-2018 PH-CC-702 
Notice to Proceed

Updated: 27-Mar-2018 PH-CC-753 
Referee Roster Administration Agreement

Updated: 15-Mar-2018 PH-CC-737 
Request to Place Structural Concrete

Updated: 15-Mar-2018 PH-CC-821 
Manufacturer's Certificate of Conformance

Updated: 13-Mar-2018 PH-CC-343 

LS-609 - Petrographic Analysis of Coarse Aggregate

Updated: 13-Mar-2018 PH-CC-449B 

Aggregate Test Data – Hot Mix Asphalt (Physical Properties – Coarse Aggregate)

Updated: 12-Jan-2018 PH-CC-752 

Referee Panel Services Agreement

Updated: 01-Sep-2017 PH-CC-111 
Miscellaneous Aggregates Worksheet

Updated: 07-Jun-2017 PH-CC-110 
Surface Treatment Aggregates - Gradation Computation Acceptance & Payment Adjustment Sheet

Updated: 29-May-2017 PH-CC-813 
Record Sheets for Control Strip of CIR/CIREAM Compaction

Updated: 18-May-2017 PH-CC-868QA 

ERS - Hot Mix Pay Factor Calculation for Contracts with SSP103S35

Updated: 03-May-2017 PH-CC-883 
Bituminous Referee Testing Request

Updated: 03-May-2017 PH-CC-869 

ERS - Thickness Payment Adjustment Calculation

Updated: 02-May-2017 PH-CC-349 

Bituminous Material (Product Sample Form)

Updated: 28-Mar-2017 PH-CC-771 

Highway Maintenance Transfer Agreement

Updated: 23-Mar-2017 PH-CC-900 

Notice of Performance Warranty Non-Conformances

Updated: 23-Mar-2017 PH-CC-901 
Release From Performance Warranty

Updated: 10-Mar-2017 PH-CC-460 
Aggregate Source List (ASL) Release Form

Updated: 27-Feb-2017 PH-CC-841 


Updated: 04-Jan-2017 PH-CC-181 

Updated: 04-Jan-2017 PH-CC-182 

Updated: 04-Jan-2017 PH-CC-183 

Updated: 04-Jan-2017 PH-CC-184 

Updated: 14-Nov-2016 PH-CC-882 
Design Build Progress Payment Certificate

Updated: 25-Oct-2016 PH-CC-704 

Lease Agreement MTO and Landlord

Updated: 20-Oct-2016 PH-CC-455 

QA Granular Summary

Updated: 22-Aug-2016 PH-CC-864 

Annual Declaration: ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard

Updated: 03-Jun-2016 PH-CC-726 
Subcontractor Tax Compliance Verification Program

Updated: 27-Apr-2016 PH-CC-822CPD 

Certificate of the Pavement Design and the Pavement Design Report

Updated: 27-Apr-2016 PH-CC-822PCC 

Post Construction Certificate

Updated: 22-Apr-2016 PH-CC-139 

Bituminous Sample Identification

Updated: 11-Apr-2016 PH-CC-129A 

Waterproofing Membrane Thickness Report

Updated: 08-Mar-2016 PH-CC-840 

Regional Construction Road Report

Updated: 01-Mar-2016 PH-CC-832 

Contractor's Infraction Report

Updated: 01-Mar-2016 PH-CC-833 

Warning Of Infraction Report

Updated: 24-Feb-2016 PH-CC-751 
Referee Services Agreement

Updated: 02-Feb-2016 PH-CC-100 
GreenPave Form

Updated: 26-Nov-2015 PH-CC-742 

Consent To Sublet

Updated: 23-Sep-2015 PH-CC-866 

Application For Field Adjustment To JMF

Updated: 08-Sep-2015 PH-D-101 
RHRON Preliminary Data Screening Sheet

Updated: 21-Aug-2015 PH-D-102 
RHRON Calculation Form

Updated: 17-Aug-2015 PH-CC-812 

Updated: 20-Jul-2015 PH-CC-881C 
Design Build Payment Cover Sheet

Updated: 10-Jul-2015 PH-CC-815 

Updated: 10-Jul-2015 PH-CC-816 

Updated: 05-Jun-2015 PH-CC-437 
LS-616 - Petrographic Analysis of Fine Aggregate

Updated: 25-May-2015 PH-CC-434 
Letter to Contractor – Re: Concrete Mix Design

Updated: 14-Apr-2015 PH-CC-822OPMC 
One Point Check of Superpave Mix Designs

Updated: 14-Apr-2015 PH-CC-872 

Sample Letter To Contractor – Hot Mix Asphalt (Mix Designation)

Updated: 16-Oct-2014 PH-CC-011 

Compaction Summary

Updated: 05-Sep-2014 PH-CC-449A 

Aggregate Test Data – Hot Mix Asphalt (Physical Properties – Fine Aggregate)

Updated: 05-Sep-2014 PH-CC-449C 

Aggregate Test Data – Hot Mix Asphalt (Superpave – Consensus Properties)

Updated: 05-Sep-2014 PH-CC-450A 
Aggregate Test Data - Granulars (Physical Properties)

Updated: 27-May-2014 PH-CC-822IMC 

Certificate of Independent Check of Mix Design

Updated: 20-Feb-2014 PH-D-100 
RHRON Highway Rockfall Hazards Log

Updated: 28-Jan-2014 PH-CC-881E 

Updated: 20-Nov-2013 PH-M-002 

Surface Treatment Daily Report

Updated: 20-Nov-2013 PH-CC-708 

Daily Report Glass Bead Application Rate

Updated: 08-Jul-2013 PH-CC-881A 

Payment Cover Sheet

Updated: 08-Jul-2013 PH-CC-881B 

Payment Cover Sheet

Updated: 30-May-2013 PH-CC-322 

Concrete Construction Report

Updated: 17-Dec-2012 PH-CC-500 

Election to Submit Audit Report & Method of Invoicing Embedded PST

Updated: 17-Dec-2012 PH-CC-510 

Embedded PST Certification

Updated: 17-Dec-2012 PH-CC-520 

Audit Report

Updated: 17-Dec-2012 PH-CC-700 

Permission to Start Work

Updated: 17-Dec-2012 PH-CC-703 

Scale Accuracy Inspection

Updated: 17-Dec-2012 PH-CC-725 

Tax Change Statement

Updated: 17-Dec-2012 PH-CC-762 

Subcontractor's Consent to Audit

Updated: 17-Dec-2012 PH-CC-765 

Contract Material Delivery Schedule

Updated: 17-Dec-2012 PH-CC-834 

Memorandum Re: Major Item Overrun/Underrun

Updated: 17-Dec-2012 PH-CC-850 

Change Order - Additional Work

Updated: 17-Dec-2012 PH-CC-851 

Change Order - Change In The Work, Extra Work

Updated: 17-Dec-2012 PH-CC-854 

Change Order Approval And Cost Estimate

Updated: 17-Dec-2012 PH-CC-856 

Price Agreement For Change In The Work, Extra Work Or Additional Work

Updated: 17-Dec-2012 PH-CC-857 

Work Directive

Updated: 17-Dec-2012 PH-A-106 

List of Materials From Designated Sources

Updated: 17-Dec-2012 PH-CC-811 

Certification Of The Component

Updated: 17-Dec-2012 PH-CC-822PIC 

Certification of the Installation of Pipe Culverts

Updated: 14-Aug-2012 PH-CC-775 

Extension Of Time Request And Approval Form

Updated: 13-Jun-2012 PH-CC-895 

Release From Warranty Certificate

Updated: 05-Jun-2012 PH-CC-877 

Certification Of The Installation Of Safety Items

Updated: 13-Mar-2012 PH-CC-106 

Bituminous Road Inspector's Daily Report

Updated: 13-Mar-2012 PH-CC-117 

Cold Weather Concreting Record Temperature

Updated: 13-Mar-2012 PH-CC-130 

Determining Payment Per Shipment of Emulsified Asphalts

Updated: 13-Mar-2012 PH-CC-131 

Determining the Percentage Adjustment For Emulsified Asphalts

Updated: 13-Mar-2012 PH-CC-132 

Determining the Percentage Adjustment for Emulsified Asphalt Primers

Updated: 13-Mar-2012 PH-CC-133 

Determining the Percentage Adjustment For Liquid Asphalts

Updated: 13-Mar-2012 PH-CC-134 

Determining the Percentage Adjustment For Polymer Modified Emulsified Asphalts

Updated: 13-Mar-2012 PH-CC-802 

Final Acceptance Certificate

Updated: 13-Mar-2012 PH-CC-817 

Application For Substantial Performance / Contract Completion

Updated: 13-Mar-2012 PH-CC-818 

Incident Notification Form

Updated: 13-Mar-2012 PH-CC-819 

Actual Payroll Burden

Updated: 13-Mar-2012 PH-CC-820 

Certification Of Grade Elevation / Crossfall

Updated: 13-Mar-2012 PH-CC-822MPCC 

Construction Certificate Minimum Oversight - Pavement with Warranty

Updated: 13-Mar-2012 PH-CC-823 

Advance Payment For Granular

Updated: 13-Mar-2012 PH-CC-825 

Letter Of Approval (Land Owner Agreement)

Updated: 13-Mar-2012 PH-CC-867 

Macrotexture Ratio Calculation Form

Updated: 13-Mar-2012 PH-CC-870 

Lift Thickness Measurement Recording Form

Updated: 13-Mar-2012 PH-CC-871 

Form A: Concrete Cover Meter Calibration Report &

Form B: Report On Lift Thickness As Determined From Concrete Covermeter Readings

Updated: 13-Mar-2012 PH-CC-878 

Record Documents Checklist

Updated: 13-Mar-2012 PH-CC-879 

Certification of Electrical Chamber Installations

Updated: 13-Mar-2012 PH-CC-880CAPR 

Contract Administration Performance Report

Updated: 13-Mar-2012 PH-CC-890 

Certificate of Contract Completion

Updated: 09-Mar-2012 ADM-R-44 

Record of Expansion Joint - Water Testing

Updated: 09-Mar-2012 PH-CC-451 

Aggregate Test Data – Surface Treatment (Physical Properties)

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-340 

Field Sample Data Sheet - Concrete

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-360 

Pavement Marking Sample Data Materials Engineering & Research Office Chemical Section

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-427 

Bridge Deck Covermeter Survey

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-430 

Structural Coating Sample Data Materials Engineering & Research Office Concrete Section

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-450B 

Aggregate Test Data – Granulars (Production Properties)

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-713 

Daily Report Pavement Markings

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-716 

Summary Quantity Sheets

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-719 

Cover Form For Material Weigh Tickets

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-721 

Record Of Scale And Weighing Inspection

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-730 

Summary For Item

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-731 

Final Payment Quantity

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-732 

Material Control Ledger, Contract Materials

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-733 

Owner Tenancy and Access Agreement

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-745 

Fuel Consumption Tracking Subcontractor

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-754 

Daily Work Record

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-763 

Statement Of Record Of Working Days

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-783 

Summary Report Structural Steel Coating

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-798 

Statutory Declaration Of Completion Of Subcontract

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-829 

Final Estimate Quantites And Cost Sheet

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-830 

Contract Value Report For Subcontractors

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-831 

Designation And Inspection Of Haul Roads

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-837 

Release Of Pit Areas & Waste Sites On Crown Land

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-838 

Preliminary Contractor Schedule Checklist

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-839 

MTO Class EA Monitoring Questionnaire For Consultant CA Staff

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-842 

Insp., Testing And Sampling Of Designated Source Material

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-843 

Nuclear Moisture / Density, Gauge Inspection Worksheet (Qc)

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-852 

Time And Material Bar Graph

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-861 

Monthly Summary Of Quality Process Non-Conformances

Updated: 20-Feb-2012 PH-CC-863 

Annual Declaration: MTO Minimum Quality Management System

Updated: 19-Feb-2012 PH-CC-709 

Instruction Notice To Contractors

Updated: 19-Feb-2012 PH-CC-711 

Summary Report Pavement Markings

Updated: 19-Feb-2012 PH-CC-712 

Reconcilliation Of MTO Supplied Materials

Updated: 19-Feb-2012 PH-CC-735 

Cross Section Template (Sub - Grade)

Updated: 19-Feb-2012 PH-CC-744 

Fuel Comsumption Listing Subcontractor

Updated: 19-Feb-2012 PH-CC-750 

Request For Clarification

Updated: 19-Feb-2012 PH-CC-782 

Daily Report Structural Steel Coating

Updated: 19-Feb-2012 PH-CC-796 

Time & Material Summary For Payment

Updated: 19-Feb-2012 PH-CC-828 

Change Proposals During Construction

Updated: 19-Feb-2012 PH-CC-845 

Daily Concrete Load Test Results

Updated: 19-Feb-2012 PH-CC-863M 

Annual Declaration for a Company With Subsidiaries: MTO Minimum Quality Management System

Updated: 19-Feb-2012 PH-D-046 

Pit And Quarry After Use Report

Updated: 19-Feb-2012 PH-D-10 

Aggregate Sample Data Sheet

Updated: 19-Feb-2012 PH-D-205 

Bridge Construction Pile Driving Record

Updated: 19-Feb-2012 PH-D-352 

Miscellaneous Detail Sheet

Updated: 19-Feb-2012 PH-D-359 

Invoice Of Plans, Profiles, Notes, Etc.

Updated: 27-Jul-2020 MERO-053 - FWD Testing Manual 
MERO-053 - Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) Testing Manual

Updated: 16-Jun-2020 CAITM 

Construction Administration and Inspection Task Manual


Updated: 04-Jun-2020 Field Guide – Asphalt & Bridge Deck Waterproofing 

Field Guide For The Acceptance Of Hot Mix Asphalt and Bridge Deck Waterproofing

This Field Guide has been prepared by the Bituminous Section of the Materials Engineering and Research Office to provide procedural guidelines to administer contract requirements on Ministry of Transportation projects in Ontario. The purpose of the Guide is to uniformly implement, across the Province, the acceptance procedures for Hot Mix and Bridge Deck Waterproofing.


Updated: 05-Mar-2020 Info & Compensation Requests & Dispute Resolution 

Information and Compensation Requests and Dispute Resolution Manual

Updated: 08-Nov-2018 Design-Build Contractor Performance Rating 

Updated: 18-Sep-2018 Contractor Performance Rating Guidelines 
Contractor Performance Rating Guidelines

Updated: 19-Apr-2018 Field Guide - Cold In-place Recycling Processes 
Field Guide - For the Acceptance of Cold In-place Recycling Processes

Updated: 20-Mar-2018 Manual for Condition Rating of Flexible Pavements 

Updated: 19-Jul-2016 Compaction Measurement Cold In-place Recycled Pvmt 
Compaction Measurement of Cold In-place Recycled Pavements Using Nuclear Moisture and Density Gauges

Updated: 10-Jun-2016 Change Order Manual 

Change Order Manual

Updated: 24-May-2016 Manual for Assessment of Surface Defects 

Updated: 21-Aug-2015 RHRON Manual 
Ontario Rockfall Hazard Rating System:  Field Procedures Manual

Updated: 29-May-2014 Design-Build Contract Administration Manual 

Design-Build Contract Administration Manual

Updated: 18-Jun-2013 Seeding & Cover QA Visual Inspection Field Guide 
Seeding and Cover Quality Assurance Visual Inspection Field Guide

Updated: 19-Feb-2012 MERO-033 

MERO-033 Construction of Longitudinal Joints In Flexible Pavements – Design Guidelines

The report was developed to raise the awareness of staff involved in all stages of a project from the planning and design stages to construction and maintenance, of some of the issues associated with constructing quality longitudinal joints that will perform. This doc is a result of "joint" ministry and industry effort and task group work.