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View Enquiry: BE 2021-5168-020

Contract Details
Contract Number
Tender Owner
MTO Capital
Highway 631, from Becker Road in Hornepayne, northerly to Negagamisis Narrows Bridge, 31.7 km
QMS Declaration
Option A or B bidding
Contract Description
Design Build Minor - Grading, Drainage, Hot Mix Paving and Structures
Tender Instructions
EXPRESSION OF INTEREST - must be received electronically as prescribed in the Expression of Interest document by 1:30:00 P.M. Local time on March 9, 2022
Contract Dates
Tender Advertise
Tender Opening
06-Jul-2022 at 01:30:00 PM
TRF Submission Opening
TRF Submission Closing
01-Jul-2022 at 12:00:00 PM

Enquiry Details
Enquiry Date
11-May-2022 at 07:49:58 AM
Special Conditions
Pavement Distress Areas (PDA)
Section 2.4.8 of the RFP lists 34 Pavement Distressed Areas (PDA). It is understood the PDA locations are to be investigated so that the combined investigation meets the requirements of the Provincial Pavement Engineering Investigation Guidelines. The RFP also states that frost heaves shall be designed and treated in accordance with OPSD 205.06; excavated to full frost depth of 2.4 m. Based on this prescribed repair strategy, we submit the following clarification questions: 1. The background documents suggest that previous frost treatments in this highway section were not successful and frost heaves were continued to be seen in the same areas. As the frost treatments are prescribed by the Ministry, will frost heaves at these locations be exempted from PERF 2272 or be considered an extra if repairs are required? 2. The RFP does not give recommendations for treating PDAs associated with distortions. The pavement structures included in the background documents suggest cobbles or rock may be encountered within the frost depth. As this could have an impact on the proponents remediation strategy and the quality of the remediation selected (eg. Full depth to frost depth vs. partial depth removal), will the Ministry provide direction on the preferred treatment of distortion areas to allow for equivalent bidding amongst proponents? 3. In conjunction with (1) and (2) above, the treatment of frost heaves or distortions excavation to the frost depth could encounter bedrock. As such, these treatments could result in localized drainage concerns forming a bathtub unless designed properly. In this regard, ditches will require deepening and could result in removal of rock in the existing ditches or deepening ditches beyond the ability to drain ditches to appropriate outlets. Can the Ministry please provide direction on anticipated drainage improvements at the PDA locations to allow for consistent bidding for proponents?

Response Details
Response Status
Response Date
31-May-2022 at 11:12:21 AM
1. The repair work should be included in the service providers scope of work and should therefore be included in the proposal. The identified PDA/Distortions areas identified will not be exempt from perf 2272. Please see Addendum # 2. 2. The Ministry will not provide direction on the preferred PDA/Distortion treatment. The Design Build service provider will be required to provide a treatment design based on their soils/pavement investigation and analysis. 3. Positive drainage should be considered, reviewed, and tailored to site needs to suite each PDA/ Distortion location. The Ministry will not be providing direction on anticipated drainage improvements at the PDA/Distortion areas. The Design Build service provider will be required to review the existing drainage and soils/pavement investigation analysis to design drainage improvements that will promote positive drainage.