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View Enquiry: BE 2017-2703-002

Contract Details
Contract Number
Tender Owner
MTO Regional
Palermo Patrol Yard
QMS Declaration
Option A or B bidding
Contract Description
Widen Two Dome Entrances
Tender Instructions
Contract Dates
Tender Advertise
Tender Opening
07-Nov-2017 at 02:00:00 PM
TRF Submission Opening
TRF Submission Closing
03-Nov-2017 at 12:00:00 PM

Enquiry Details
Enquiry Date
20-Oct-2017 at 02:42:20 PM
1.) Under Special Construction Item 1, it states that the contractor is to remove all electrical components back to the panel box and reinstall, farther on it specifies new electrical components. What is to be re-installed ? 2.) Is the panel box to be re-used ? It is on the existing canopy sidewall and also needs to be removed. 3.) Is the electrical from the west dome to the existing light pole to be re-installed as well ? 4.) Are the domes to be in use by the Area Maintenance Contractor during construction ? The work to the entrances may block access into the domes. 5.) The work could be done in cold weather. Will cold weather concrete protection (possible heating and hoarding) be required ? 6.) Will strict adherence to the paint application directions with regards to application temperature be expected ? Heating may be required. 7.) Page 47 states that the contractor is to pay interest on Liquidated Damages. Can you explain how this is calculated (rate of interest ?, when it becomes applicable ?).

Response Details
Response Status
Response Date
02-Nov-2017 at 11:31:03 AM
1.) All existing lighting components (interior & exterior) including existing ducts and wires shall be removed and disposed . This does not included the existing panel box enclosure which shall be removed to permit the work and then reinstalled within the interior of the widened canopy side wall. Please be advised that this only includes the enclosure. All components within the exiting panel box shall be disposed and replaced with new hardware. 2.) Re-used. Re-installed within the interior of the widened canopy side wall. 3.) The existing power supply from the pole to the domes panel box shall be reused. 4.) Yes, the domes will be in use by the resident Area Maintenance Contractor (AMC) during the duration of the contract. It is the responsibility of the Contractor to stage the work is such a way to ensure access to and from the domes is permitted at all times. This will require the Contractor to plan and coordinate the work with the AMC to ensure their work doesn’t adversely affect winter maintenance operations. 5.) If warrantied, cold weather protection will be required for this contract as specified with the contract schedule of provisions (Pages 15 to 19) 6.) Yes, heating may be required. The Contractor will be required to follow the manufactures specifications pertaining to paint application temperature and moisture requirements as specified. 7.) Interest is calculated as specified in OPSS100 GC 7.19. Interest on Liquidated Damages is applicable when the collection of Liquidated Damages is delayed.