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View Enquiry: BE 2021-6003-014

Contract Details
Contract Number
Tender Owner
MTO Capital
Windy Point Bridge (Site No. 45X-0077/B0) - Hwy 11, 10.5km west of Hwy 502
QMS Declaration
Option A or B bidding
Contract Description
Grading, Granular Base, Hot Mix Paving, Structure Rehabilitation
Tender Instructions
Contract Dates
Tender Advertise
Tender Opening
01-Apr-2021 at 01:30:00 PM
TRF Submission Opening
TRF Submission Closing
26-Mar-2021 at 12:00:00 PM

Enquiry Details
Enquiry Date
29-Mar-2021 at 09:23:15 AM
Contract Drawing
Panel Placement
Sheet 31A panel placement alternative panel placement plan. It appears the contractor would be allowed to have 6 panels on either end of the bridge prepared for ductal at the same time. There is a reference to completing this simultaneously. This would require 2 complete demolition teams, installation teams, etc. Would the Ministry allow this to happen concurrently, and then a cast of the 12 panels to happen simultaneously?

Response Details
Response Status
Response Date
29-Mar-2021 at 02:11:26 PM
As noted in the alternative placement sequence, if the Contractor elects to undertake this sequencing then all works must occur simultaneously and symmetrically. This will require additional workforce as necessary and is permitted. This will therefore allow 12 panels of the respective stage (6 on the west and 6 on the east of that stage, on opposite ends of the bridge) to be placed prior to UHPC placement. This will permit the Contractor to pour 12 panels instead of 6. The intent of this alternative sequence is to permit the Contractor a means of expediting the work and pour more panels in a shorter period of time. As noted, if this alternative is selected, Stage C must be undertaken simultaneously and symmetrically about the centreline of the bridge. The requirements of Note 7 regarding placing UHPC “no later than after 6 panels have been installed” still apply. A symmetric Stage C pour will therefore require UHPC for the 3 panels at the west side of the stage limits being poured simultaneously and symmetrically as the 3 panels at the east side of the stage limits to ensure that criteria of pouring UHPC no later than after 6 panels have been installed as been met for this stage.