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View Enquiry: BE CDMC 2020-04-129

Contract Details
Contract Number
CDMC 2020-04
Tender Owner
MTO Maintenance
North Bay, Powassan, Verner, and Mattawa
QMS Declaration
Option A or B bidding
Contract Description
Management and supervision of winter and summer routine maintenance work of King’s Highways, as well as minor rehabilitation work.
Tender Instructions
To assist in proposal preparation, Ministry staff will be available to answer questions at a Pre-Submission Meeting for all prospective Proponents, which will be held on: September 16, 2020 at 10:30 AM Local (Toronto) Time This meeting will be held via teleconference, video-conference or in person. Details will be provided prior to the date via addendum.
Contract Dates
Tender Advertise
Tender Opening
17-Feb-2021 at 01:30:00 PM
TRF Submission Opening
TRF Submission Closing
12-Feb-2021 at 12:00:00 PM

Enquiry Details
Enquiry Date
03-Feb-2021 at 09:20:54 AM
Section 2002.03
Section 2002.03 defines Continuous Winter Operations as “any operation performed by a Winter Vehicle is done in a continuous manor, utilizing all Winter Vehicles, with no unwarranted interruptions to service longer than thirty minutes until Bare Pavement Standard is achieved”. Where routes include both a combination unit and plow-only unit, will the contractor be required to deploy both vehicles from the yard during spreading only operations? Similarly, will the contractor be required to deploy all vehicles in the situation where only the right or left lane requires plowing?

Response Details
Response Status
Response Date
03-Feb-2021 at 04:36:53 PM
The definition for Continuous Operations is not tied to deployment of winter equipment; be it plows, spreaders, or combination units. Its’ intent is to define the expectations to be met post deployment. Under the CDMC contract model the timing of deployment of any winter equipment is left to the decision of the contractor depending on road/weather conditions and forecasts, and such decisions shall meet the contract standards. The ability to service either a right or left lane utilizing a single unit would depend on the configuration of the equipment itself and whether echelon plowing was required.