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View Enquiry: BE 2019-2119-165

Contract Details
Contract Number
Tender Owner
MTO Capital
From 1.8 km West of Glendale Avenue, Easterly to 1.2 km East of Glendale Avenue; Site No. 18X-0161/B0; and Site No. 090200.
QMS Declaration
Option A or B bidding
Contract Description
DESIGN BUILD MAJOR: QEW / Glendale Avenue Interchange Reconstruction
Tender Instructions
EXPRESSION OF INTEREST must be received electronically as prescribed in the Expression of Interest document by 01:30:00 P.M. local time on: October 30, 2019
Contract Dates
Tender Advertise
Tender Opening
28-May-2020 at 01:30:00 PM
TRF Submission Opening
TRF Submission Closing
22-May-2020 at 12:00:00 PM

Enquiry Details
Enquiry Date
13-Apr-2020 at 04:28:10 PM
Clarification for RFI BE 2019-2119-111
We request clarification on the response to RFI BE 2019-2119-111 which states that “The OGS design shall include the total pavement area”. The total pavement area for the proposed interchange within the study area (including QEW) is approximately 200,000 m2. The new pavement area accounts for approximately 20,000 m2. The design presented in the DBRR provides treatment through OGS units in combination with CB shields for approximately 11,000 m2 of pavement. The industry standard is to provide water quality treatment for all new pavement in order to meet the MECP requirements. Please clarify the response which indicates the OGS design shall include “total pavement area”, since if all of the pavement area (existing and proposed) within the study area is included there would be a significant increase in the number of OGS units required to provide water quality treatment. Does this statement indicate that the total pavement area (i.e. approximately 200,000 m2) should be considered for treatment, or does the statement refer to the total contributing drainage area to each OGS (as identified in the DBRR) should be considered in the design for water quality treatment of the additional pavement?

Response Details
Response Status
Response Date
22-Apr-2020 at 02:08:28 PM
The OGS design shall be designed to provide water quality treatment for the total contributing drainage area for each of the specified OGS units. Please refer to the storm sewer design sheet in the DBR Drainage Report (Document #41).